This house is not for sale: Jon Bon Jovi has no interest in cashing in on his catalog

ABC/Heidi Gutman

Back in 2016, Bon Jovi released an album called This House Is Not For Sale, and that’s currently where Jon Bon Jovi stands when it comes to cashing in on his catalog, as so many other artists have done recently.

While artists ranging from Bob Dylan and Justin Bieber to Sting and Bruce Springsteen have made multimillion deals to sell the rights to their music over the past few years, Jon tells Yahoo Entertainment, “I have no desire.”

“Our catalog has done nothing but go up [in value] exponentially. I know matter of factly, it’s really exploded to, like, 15-year highs, and [our new] record is not even out yet,” he continues. “So I have no need to or desire to. Those are my babies.”

Another thing Jon has turned down is the chance to do a residency at the Sphere Las Vegas, where U2 recently completed an acclaimed run of shows. However, Jon notes there “are some benefits” to playing in one place for an extended period of time: “You’re doing 10, 15 nights in one venue and it gets nice. You can leave your shoes there at night. That’s not bad.”

However, he tells Yahoo, “For me personally, the desert isn’t all that appealing — to be out in Vegas for a long period of time. And the Sphere is otherworldly. That’s a serious commitment. So, for me, not at this time.”

The four-part docuseries Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story, documenting the band’s 40-year history, is now streaming on Hulu and their new single, “Legendary,” is climbing the charts.

He says, “That we can sit here and talk … 40 years later, and we’ve got a hit record out … it’s nothing short of a miracle.”

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