Will Taylor Swift add ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ to The Eras Tour?

Javier Vicencio / Eyepix Group/Future Publishing via Getty Images

The last time Taylor Swift performed The Eras Tour, she had not released her 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department. Now that the surprise double album and all 31 of its tracks are out in the world, Swifties are wondering if the pop superstar will add the new era to the set list when the tour resumes on May 9 in Paris, France.

In a new YouTube Shorts video Taylor posted on Thursday, April 25, she is seen rehearsing for The Eras Tour. The 15-second clip is set to her new single “Fortnight” and features a brief shot where Taylor stands next to a silver railing. Fans immediately noticed that the railing was in the shape of The Tortured Poets Department logo, and speculation ran rampant.

“A fortnight til Paris … Brought to you by YouTube Shorts #ForAFortnightChallenge,” the video’s description reads.

Additionally, it seems Taylor’s wearing the same shoes she dons in the “Fortnight” music video in the short clip. There also looks to be new choreography and costumes on display. Taylor’s background dancers are seen wearing top hats and dancing with canes, which have not been featured during the concert previously.

If Taylor does add the The Tortured Poets Department era to the set list, this would mark the first major change to The Eras Tour since it began in March 2023.

While Taylor has switched out a few songs here and there — namely changing the folklore section’s opener from “invisible string” to “the 1” and adding “Long Live” to the Speak Now section after her version of the album was released last summer — this would be the first time she has added an entire new section to the show. 

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