Katy Perry teases “one of my biggest songs” is “coming out”

Disney/Art Streiber

Katy Perry hasn’t given a lot of detail about the new music she’s been teasing, but at least we now know who one of her collaborators is.

Lu Kala, a Canadian-Congolese singer, posted to Instagram a video of herself hanging out with Katy. In the video, she embraces Lu and says, “She helped me write one of my biggest songs that has yet to come out but it’s coming out! Don’t say anything! Lu Kala, everyone, Lu Kala! I love you!”

In the caption, Lu wrote, “I was not expecting any of this, wow Thank you @katyperry for letting me be the tiniest part of what you have coming. I can’t wait for the world to hear it.” 

In another post featuring photos of her and Katy, Lu noted, “To know me is to know that I’ve been a Katy fan FOREVER!! You can’t spell Pop without @katyperry and as a Pop gurlll, this means the WORLD TO ME!!!! brb, still crying.”

In the comments, Lu added, “I’m still in disbelief y’all, if we talking POP MOTHER, it’s HER!!!!?”

As previously reported, Katy recently told Access Hollywood that her upcoming album is “very bright and joyful, like pure joy and fun and playful and celebratory and a party.”

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