Stevie Nicks writes heartfelt poem for Taylor Swift’s new album

Beth Garrabrant

In one of her new songs, “Clara Bow,” Taylor Swift mentions Stevie Nicks, and the two-time Rock & Roll Hall of Famer has actually penned a poem that’s included in Taylor’s new album.

The poem is titled, “For T – and me …” and it’s noted that it was written “September 13 at 8:50 p.m.”  It starts, “He was in love with her / Or at least she thought so / She was broken hearted / Maybe he was too / Neither of them knew.”

“She was way too hot to handle / He was way too high to try … she was on her way to the stars / he didn’t say goodbye,” she continues.

The middle part of the poem reads, in part, “She brings joy / She brings Shakespeare — / It’s almost a tragedy — / says she / “Don’t endanger me — (pause) / Don’t endanger me.”

Later, Stevie writes, “He really can’t answer her / He’s afraid of her / He’s hiding from her / And he knows that he’s hurting her / She tells the truth / She writes about it / She’s an informer / He’s an ex-lover / There’s nothing there for her / she’s already gone / there’s nothing that can stop her.”

The poem ends, “She was just flying / through the clouds / When he saw her / She was just making her way / to the stars / When he lost her…”

It’s not clear which of Taylor’s ex-lovers the poem is about. In her own lengthy prologue to the album, Taylor describes being involved with two men who both let her down in different ways.

Taylor and Stevie performed together in 2010 at the Grammy Awards. In June of 2023, Stevie said that she was grateful to Taylor for her song “You’re On Your Own, Kid,” which she said helped her come to terms with the death of her Fleetwood Mac bandmate Christine McVie.

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