Dua Lipa reveals her worst first date ever: “Never again!”

Dan Beleiu for ELLE

Dua Lipa has spoken about how some of her new album Radical Optimism was inspired by her dating experiences, including “Training Season.” But now, she’s revealed her worst-ever first date — potential suitors, take note.

As part of her ELLE cover story, Dua made a video for Starstruck, the magazine’s video series where people talk about their star signs with the magazine’s resident astrologers, The AstroTwins. Dua tells them that her perfect first date would be going for a walk in the park. She says her worst experience was “f****** indoor skydiving.”

“Horrible! My extensions got tangled … I was not having fun,” she adds. “Never again!”

In her cover story, Dua talks about how, at this point her career, she doesn’t want to do anything unless it’s fun.

“Whether I’m performing or going out, if it’s not fun, I don’t want it,” she says. “You have to make room for joy. The world can be burning down, but god**** … if you didn’t spend any of your life trying to be happy, I don’t know what you’ve done.”

She doesn’t even mind if people think she’s having too much fun. On being dubbed “Vacanza Queen” because of the fabulous vacation pictures she posts on Instagram, Dua says, “I’ve been busy for almost 10 years Every single day, I’ve had some bit of work to do. But people are going to say something anyway.”

“People say a lot of mean things about a lot of people … [and if that’s] what I’m getting, then I’ll take it,” she adds.

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