Travis Kelce talks Coachella experience with Taylor Swift

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Taylor Swift and boyfriend Travis Kelce were spotted enjoying themselves at Coachella this past weekend, and now, Travis is giving fans the lowdown on their experience.

“I absolutely love live music,” he told his brother, Jason Kelce, on the latest episode of their New Heights podcast. “I don’t get enough of it in my life.” He added, “It was fun getting out there and seeing a few new bands that I really wasn’t that familiar with and just became an absolute lover of their music because of how they performed and captivated the crowd.”

Travis particularly liked seeing Taylor’s friend and collaborator Jack Antonoff onstage with Bleachers, noting, he “absolutely ripped it.” “I had so much fun seeing him go nuts with his guitar and all his boys,” he said.

Travis says he and Taylor “probably could’ve finessed it” so they’d get to watch all the acts from behind the stage, but they instead were out in the crowd, and that’s the way Travis preferred it.

“I like to see it from the fans’ perspective, ‘cause I am, I’m a fan of music. I’m a fan of live shows,” he said. “I want to see it from the front of the stage.” 

He added, “I think it’s that much more of an experience if you’re in the pit, if you’re in the madness with all the fans.”

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