Dive into Dua Lipa’s “Illusion” song and video

Tyrone Lebon/Warner Records; Sabrina: Island/UMG

Dua Lipa has shared another track from her album Radical Optimism and makes a splash with a sexy video, as well.

Dua’s released “Illusion,” the third track we’ve gotten to hear from the album, following “Houdini” and “Training Season.” According to Dua, “Illusion” was the first song she and her main collaborators worked on together. “It really broke the ice for the record,” she says.

“It’s about knowing what you’re getting yourself into, but staying for the hell of it. The joke’s on them, it’s the fun of playing someone at their own game because ultimately you won’t fall for an illusion.”

Dua wrote on Instagram, “This song started everything for this album sonically … it has just made me even more excited for Radical Optimism in 3 WEEKS ~ aaaaahhh it’s all bloody kicking off!!!”

The music video really leans in to the aquatic theme of the album cover and the making-of video that Dua’s shared. It was filmed at a famous Olympic pool complex in Barcelona with a panoramic view of the city, and features Dua and a troupe of dancers, scantily clad high divers and synchronized swimmers cavorting both in and out of the water.

One of Dua’s collaborators on the album is Australian musician Kevin Parker, who records as Tame Impala. Fun fact: Parker also co-wrote and co-produced an upbeat song for another pop superstar with the word “Illusion” in the title. Remember Lady Gaga‘s 2016 single “Perfect Illusion“?

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