Lingerie brand will pay one fan $475 to review Taylor Swift’s new album

Beth Garrabrant

One company has found an interesting way to tie its brand to Taylor Swift: it’s willing to pay a fan hundreds of dollars to listen to her new album while using its product, then write about the experience.

Seemingly inspired by the cover of Taylor’s new album,The Tortured Poets Department, which shows Taylor lying down wearing lingerie, the lingerie brand Pour Moi has posted a “job application” online to find one Swiftie who will listen to the album while lounging around in the brand’s luxury lingerie and nightwear.

The successful applicant will then have to report back on how the music made them feel, how they felt while wearing the clothing, and how their mood and energy was affected — or not. The company would also like the applicant to post about their day on social media, but it’s not required.

The compensation for this dream job is about $475, plus over $100 worth of lingerie and nightwear, including a bra, a pair of briefs and a chemise. Applicants must be 18, well-versed in Swift’s songs and be able to dedicate a full day to listening to the album, which comes out April 19.

You have until April 15 to apply — and be ready to reveal both your bra size and your dress size.

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