Taylor Swift’s new album has seven explicit tracks

Javier Vicencio / Eyepix Group/Future Publishing via Getty Images

In a little over a month, the world will have another Taylor Swift album.

THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT arrives April 19, and we now know the album will have seven explicit tracks. Apple Music revealed this on Monday, while also confirming that the album’s title is stylized in all caps.

The seven explicit tracks include the title song, “The Tortured Poets Department,” as well as “Down Bad,” “But Daddy I Love Him,” “Florida!!! (feat. Florence + the Machine),” “loml,” “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart” and “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived.”

“Taylor’s ushering in a new era,” the album’s Apple Music page reads. “Pre-add the album now. Once it’s released, it will be available in your library instantly.”

Taylor Nation also made a post about preordering the album over on Instagram. “We know waiting is torture; but now you can pre-order and pre-add THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT to add to your library as soon as it’s released on April 19,” the caption reads.

Speaking of the new album, E! News reports that a silent eight-second video promoting it has gone straight to the top of the iTunes Top Videos chart.

The video may have no sound, but it does feature a blurb written by Taylor that describes the album.

“And so I enter into evidence my tarnished coat of arms. My muses, acquired like bruises. My talismans and charms. The tick, tick, tick of love bombs. My veins of pitch black ink. All’s fair in love and poetry. Sincerely, The Chairman of The Tortured Poet’s Department,” it reads.

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