Watch Justin Timberlake get down with disgusting demons in new “No Angels” video

Charlotte Rutherford

A sexy night out at the club goes very wrong for Justin Timberlake in his new video for “No Angels,” a track from his new album, Everything I Thought It Was.

In the clip, Justin pulls up in front of an exotic-looking building, goes inside and finds a club where everyone is grinding and making out. He eventually ends up dirty dancing with a dark-haired woman, and things are going well — until she licks his face and then scratches him.

Matching the lyric, “There ain’t no angels here on the dance floor,” everyone in the club then turns into the opposite of angels: demons. Their eyes go white, and they all start clawing at a terrified Justin as the dark-haired woman sprouts fleshy wings and drips black blood from her mouth all over him. Suddenly, everyone is covered in red blood and writhing around, and Justin is pulled down, disappearing from sight.

Then, plot twist: The camera pulls back, and we see the video crew shooting the scene. Justin, behind the camera and wearing a different outfit, tells everyone it’s a wrap and tells them to go get cleaned up. Then, he walks out to his car, opens the trunk and finds the original Justin from the dance floor covered in blood and being either tortured or killed by some demonic tentacles.

Justin slams the trunk lid down, gets behind the driver’s wheel and we see the dark-haired woman from the club next to him. If you’ve seen Michael Jackson‘s Thriller, you know how this ends.

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