Sheryl Crow joined by Peter Gabriel on her cover of his hit “Digging in the Dirt”

Sheryl Crow; Disney/Michael J. Le Brecht II

Sheryl Crow has fellow Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Peter Gabriel to thank for her new album, Evolution.

Sheryl’s released another track from the album, which is a cover of Peter’s 1992 hit “Digging in the Dirt” that features new vocals added by the U.K. rock icon. In a statement, Sheryl explains that the song was the impetus for her return to recording, despite claiming in 2019 that she’d never make another album.

“Peter’s song is the one that started me on this whole process of making my new album Evolution, the first song I brought to [my producer],” she explains. “The idea of self-examination to understand our wounds and flaws and how they affect our daily lives really resonated with me, because that process can lead to self-healing. But it can be messy, it feels like digging in the dirt.”

“Peter’s lyrics express that so beautifully, with this just ridiculous groove driving underneath,” she continues. “When he agreed to sing on my cover … it just blew me away, and ironically it ended up being the last song we finished for the album.”

“It’s such an honor to have him perform on this song which really means so much to me, and there is nobody in the world who sings like Peter Gabriel.”

“Digging in the Dirt” is available exclusively on the digital deluxe version of Evolution, which arrives March 29.

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