Camila Cabello on why her and Shawn’s reunion fizzled, why she left Fifth Harmony

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes in 2023; Gotham/GC Images

As promised, Camila Cabello is spilling all the tea in the new episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast, from why she and Shawn Mendes‘ 2023 reunion didn’t work out to why she left Fifth Harmony.

Shawn and Camila first split in 2021, and Camila told host Alex Cooper of their brief reunion last year, “It was a fun time, it was a fun moment.”

“And I will always care about him and love him. He’s such a good person,” she added. “And I’m lucky. Some people have exes that are awful, and he is not. He’s a really kind, good person.”

As for why the reunion didn’t work, Camila said, “You’re just kind of like, ‘It’s not a fit, it doesn’t feel right.’ And I think, luckily, I was in a place in my life where it took me less time to realize that. It took us both less time to be like, ‘This doesn’t feel right and we don’t really need to try so hard to make it work … this is not feeling good. Let’s be friends … let’s move on … become the person that you’re becoming and I’ll root for you.'”

Camila also denied dating Drake, saying the two were only spotted together because she’d reached out to the rapper and asked if she could play him her new album. “He loved it,” Camila said, adding that he’s “generous and so kind.”

As for leaving Fifth Harmony, Camila told Cooper that she started “distancing myself from the group vision” after she started writing her own songs and decided she wanted to sing them herself. “I was just like, ‘I’m not happy here anymore,'” she said. These days, Camila said of the rest of the girls, “I’m like, in a really good place with them.”

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