AJ McLean: “The world would melt down” if Backstreet, *NSYNC and Spice Girls toured together

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

The Backstreet Boys are taking some time off in 2024 and Justin Timberlake is doing a solo tour, so Joey Fatone and AJ McLean are keeping themselves busy by doing a joint tour that starts in March. But AJ says he’s still holding out hope that one day their respective groups can tour together.

Asked by Rolling Stone if he, like so many fans, is hoping that *NSYNC will reunite for a tour, AJ says, “Honestly, I am. And there’s been so many talks. Even before Trolls and before them coming together again, there’s been so many years of talks of Backstreet and *NSYNC touring together and a stadium tour.”

“I’m not trying to start a new rumor. But if Backstreet, *NSYNC and Spice Girls did a tour together, the world would melt down,” he adds. “What a great, almost like send-off moment that would be for everyone’s career. And it’s only for the fans, to say one big giant thank you for years and years of being loyal fans to all of us.”

While we all wait for that, though, Joey and AJ will entertain fans by singing each others’ songs, plus songs by other artists they enjoy, like Green Day, Nirvana and even Lady Gaga. They’ve got a live band, and AJ tells Rolling Stone that the show has “got a little bit of everything.”

“It’s got comedy, it’s got heart, it’s got great music,” he says. “It’s got a lot of great interaction with the audience.”

But about that *NSYNC reunion — Joey tells Rolling Stone, “We’re all kind of slowly thinking of what we can do now that this Trolls thing has taken off. It’s a possibility now.”

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