Selena Gomez says she’s “grown” through her “really lovely” relationship

Courtesy Apple Music

Selena Gomez‘s new single “Love On” is a flirty come-on of a song, and she says it expresses how happy she is in her life right now.

She tells Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe, “I was inspired a lot by living in Paris, that for two months I had to work there, and I loved just the quality of life and how romantic it felt. And then to kind of feel really happy in my life and actually mean it is so … it’s just like, you can tell in my video, I’m just smiling the whole time. It’s such a good feeling.”

“I want people to feel good when they listen to it. That’s what I want to hear on the radio now,” she adds.

Fans speculate that one scene in the video, which shows a couple kissing behind a line of laundry, is actually a shot of Selena smooching her boyfriend, Benny Blanco. While you can’t see the two people in the scene, which comes about 55 seconds into the video, you can see the shadows of their hair, and they seem to match Selena and Benny’s hairstyles.

While she didn’t specifically talk about Benny in the interview with Zane, Selena did say of her relationship, “I think it’s just really important to meet someone that respects you. And I think it’s really nice to also lean on someone who understands the world that I live in.”

She notes, “But I’d have to say overall it’s the safest that I feel and it’s been really lovely and I’ve only grown through it, so it’s awesome.”

Benny commented “omg !!!!!” on Selena’s post showing off the fashions she wears in the video. Last month, she posted a photo of herself hugging him and captioned it, “My bes fwend.”

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