Travis Kelce on Taylor Swift’s viral Super Bowl drink chug: “She’s a pro”

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Travis and Jason Kelce loved how Taylor Swift chugged a drink at the 2024 Super Bowl.

On the newest episode of New Heights, the brothers recapped the events surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl win, including the viral clip of Taylor chugging a beer.

“I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t know what was going on at first,” Jason said. “I was sitting behind them, and I saw them go for the drinks, and then, ‘Oh, oh this is happening. Chug. Chug.'”

“This was on the Jumbotron, nice,” Travis noted as he watched the video. “Oh, and the slam down!”

“She’s done this before,” Travis added. “She’s a pro.”

Jason also said he finally understood how famous Taylor is after seeing how many people came up to their suite to try to meet her.

“Turns out everybody wants to meet Taylor. [Shaquille O’Neal] came on in the suite,” Jason said.

“I think it was my first [time] really understanding … some of the things that she has to deal with on a [daily] basis,” Jason continued. “There were so many star-studded people there where it’s like dude, everyone wants to come see her, but the suite is only so big.”

Jason said he found it all a bit overwhelming.

“It was overwhelming, to be honest with you,” Jason said. “I was going outside the suite, I was talking to Keegan Michael-Key and his wife … the celebrity attendance was pretty unreal.”

Travis said his girlfriend enjoys those kinds of situations.

“It’s the Vegas Super Bowl, baby, the stars are out. You gotta love it, man,” Travis said. “Taylor thrives in those situations; she’s been in them countless times in her life.”

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