Michael Bublé says being part of NHL All-Star Game makes him feel like a 12-year-old

ABC/Lou Rocco

The Grammy Awards will take place on Sunday, but Grammy-winning Canadian music superstars Michael Bublé and Justin Bieber might not make it. That’s because on Saturday, they’ll be at the NHL All-Star Game, serving as celebrity captains — which Michael says makes him feel like a kid again.

“I love hockey,” he tells People. “I’m a big fan of the game and I always love representing my country and my passion for the sport. I was thrilled to say yes to this opportunity.”

Michael has hung out with famous hockey players for years — in 2011, his favorite team, the Vancouver Canucks, even gave him a special one-day contract — but this is his first time at the All-Star Game, which is being hosted by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Michael tells People that for him and the other celebrity captains, “We’re like 12-year-olds getting to do this.”

“This is like every kid’s dream… [a]re you kidding me? Every kid who loves the NHL. Imagine you get to go and sit with the greatest players in the world,” he adds. “We get to be part of choosing the all-Star team that is going to be competing against each other? That’s crazy!”

The selection will take place Thursday night, February 1, during a mock draft that marks the start of a full weekend of festivities.

“We all want to win, I’m sure,” Michael says. “But what I am excited for is having drinks and enjoying each other’s company. I’m competitive, but win or lose, I’m going to have a blast.”

The 2024 All-Star Game airs February 3 on ABC and ESPN+ at 3 p.m. ET.

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