“I’m not sorry !!!” Did Britney Spears just respond to JT’s shade?


Uh-oh — is a music feud brewing? In a new Instagram post, Britney Spears has seemingly responded to Justin Timberlake saying at his New York concert Wednesday that he was “apologizing to absolutely f****** nobody.”

Justin made the comments before performing “Cry Me a River.” That song’s video, you may recall, seemingly blamed Britney for their breakup. Justin’s in-concert comments followed Britney’s now-deleted Instagram post in which she wrote that she was “in love with” Justin’s new song, “Selfish.” She added, “I wanna apologize for some of the things I wrote about in my book. If I offended any of the people I genuinely care about I am deeply sorry.”

But Britney has now put up a new post. Next to an image of a basketball hoop, she wrote, “Someone told me someone was talking s*** about me on the streets !!! Do you want to bring it to the court or will you go home crying to your mom like you did last time ??? I’m not sorry !!!”

This seems to be a reference to one of Britney’s posts from December, following Justin performing “Cry Me a River” in Las Vegas with the disclaimer “No disrespect.” Britney posted on Instagram at the time, without naming names, “Psss I never mentioned how I beat him in basketball and he would cry … no disrespect !!!!”

It’s worth noting that in 2021, Justin apologized for the way he’d treated Britney back in the day. But when she released her memoir last year, and claimed that Justin had cheated on her several times and pressured her to end a pregnancy, fans began canceling him again.

Notably, this is all happening on the 20th anniversary of “Nipplegate,” which Janet Jackson fans still haven’t forgiven Justin for.

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