Gwen Stefani says reaction to No Doubt reunion is “beyond”: “It’s inspiring us”

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Gwen Stefani last performed with No Doubt in 2015, and she’s surprised how many people are thrilled the band is reuniting for this April’s Coachella festival.

Speaking to People, Stefani says, “It just happened so fast, and that’s my favorite kind of thing to happen. We haven’t really figured out the next steps of how we’re going to do this, but we’re just all so excited. And I think really just watching the internet blow up [with] how excited that the fans are? It’s inspiring us.”

She adds, “It’s just going to be: get up there and do what we always do, which is play our music and try to connect and be so grateful that we got this amazing career that we never expected to have.”

Considering No Doubt formed in 1984, Stefani doesn’t take for granted that the band can still generate excitement in 2024. She describes it as “beyond” and admits she’s “completely overwhelmed” at the fans’ reaction.

Stefani says it’s also been a trip explaining what’s going on to her 10-year-old son, Apollo.

“He’s like, ‘But mom, what is Coachella? Everyone’s saying it. What is this? It sounds like it’s a big deal,’” she tells People. “So we had to watch the ‘Don’t Speak’ video, and he’s like, ‘But wait, which one was your boyfriend?’ It was so weird and so funny. I literally had to tell him each band member.” 

For the record, No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal was Gwen’s boyfriend; the breakup of their seven-year-relationship inspired “Don’t Speak.”

“It was surreal for me,” Stefani says of her conversation with Apollo. “I feel like we’re in the future and lightning just struck and [No Doubt] is like, ‘Here we are!'”

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