Taylor Swift stalker arrested again outside her NYC home

This is why Taylor Swift doesn’t want people to know where she lives.

New York City police arrested a Seattle man for the second time in three days as he loitered outside Taylor’s building.

David Crowe, 33, was charged with two counts each of harassment and stalking after he was picked up near the building just after 6:15 p.m. on January 22.

Crowe was first spotted outside the building by a member of Swift’s security team at around 3 p.m. He appeared to be wandering around but did not attempt to enter.

Security called police, who saw him harass multiple people on the street nearby, about three hours later; he was taken into custody. Taylor did not appear to be there at the time. She flew to New York from Buffalo on January 21 and left Monday for Nashville, according to flight records.

Crowe was also arrested Saturday when police responded to a report of a “disorderly person” attempting to open the door of Taylor’s home. He was charged with failure to answer a 2015 summons.

He is one of many repeat offenders who have hung around Taylor’s property over the years.

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