Music notes: Madonna, Taylor Swift and more

(NOTE LANGUAGE) Mariah Carey had some fun participating in the viral “Of Course” trend on Instagram. The pop superstar posted a Reel parodying habits that are sure to fit a diva lifestyle. Set to her track “Obsessed,” Mariah proved she had a sense of humor by working out in her home gym in a sparkling gold gown and platform heels. “I’m Mariah Carey, of course this is my workout ensemble,” she said. She captioned the funny video, “Sunday Camp! … #ofcourse.”

Madonna apologized for saying “Hello, Boston,” while performing onstage in Toronto, Canada, at one of her recent shows. The incident happened on Friday, January 12, and she quickly apologized and corrected herself. “Are you guys mad at me ’cause I said ‘Hello, Boston!?’” she said. “I’m sorry. What kind of f***** up s*** is that? That would be like if you guys were saying, ‘Hey, Lady Gaga’s playing tonight!’”

Taylor Swift‘s second cousin Danny Frye III says he helped her start her relationship with Travis Kelce. “[I] made a love connection between her and Travis Kelce,” Danny said in a TikTok interview. He also said he’s been accompanying Taylor at several Kansas City Chiefs games as of late. “A lot of people have been trying to figure out who I am lately, so, but yeah, it’s been an interesting month or so, been going to a few Chiefs games,” he said.

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