David Archuleta signs deal for book on coming out, ‘Idol’ and leaving the church

Nick Spanos

Ever since he came out in 2021, David Archuleta has been outspoken about his struggle to accept his sexuality in light of his faith as a member of the Mormon Church, which he has since left. The former American Idol finalist will now tell his story in a memoir.

David has signed a deal with Dey Street Books to write all about that, as well as his American Idol journey. He says in a statement, “Through encouragement from friends I’ve decided it’s important to share my story.”

He adds, “I hope it will help others understand the struggles those in the LGBTQ+ community have coming out in religious communities, provide light to anyone navigating difficult family dynamics or faith transitions, and encourage everyone to give more room to love yourself.”

In 2023, David told ABC Audio why he made the decision to step away from the church. “My understanding is if you decide to marry someone of the same sex, you will be excommunicated from the church,” he said. “So I was just like, ‘You know what? I don’t want to wait for that to happen. I don’t want to wait to be punished for something I feel is right for me in my life.'”

He also noted that he’s been outspoken because he knows that when some members of religious communities come out, “They just immediately get the hate.” He revealed, “I’ve had several friends who (are) my age or even younger than me, and their families have kicked them out.” 

David, who appeared on The Masked Singer and released a new single in 2023, started the year performing at the 2024 Tournament of Roses Parade. He’s currently collaborating with producers and writers on a new project that’s set to be released this year.  

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