Why John Mayer “so badly” wants to get married

Miikka Skaffari/Getty Images

John Mayer‘s love life has been the stuff of tabloids for years. But according to John, all he wants to do is get married — so he can prove to his wife that he can take care of her.

While appearing on Comfort Food, a podcast hosted by Kelly Rizzo, the widow of John’s close friend Bob Saget, Rizzo praised John for all the support he offered her when Saget died in 2022. That led to a discussion of how much John wants to give that kind of support to the woman he marries.

John said, “People don’t think I wanna be married. I absolutely want to be married … I’m pretty well-adjusted and ready to go at any moment. And I so badly want to get married, if only for my wife to just know in her heart, ‘John will know what to do.'”

“I just think that level of being relied on is the hottest thing in the world to me,” John added, which made Rizzo laugh. “It’s like, ‘If my  husband was here, he would know what to do. Call John. Call my husband.'”

“That means you’re a caretaker at heart,” Rizzo noted. 

“You’re a full grown-up when this is your romantic fantasy,” John joked. “You’re a fully fledged grown-up.”

Rizzo then laughed, “Your kink is that you want someone to be like, ‘John’s got a guy.'”

“Reliance kink? Oh my God,” John replied. “Dependability kink? Yes.”

“Well, ladies, if you need a car fixed or a doctor or whatever … John’s your guy,” Rizzo joked.

John agreed, “For those I love? Absolutely.”

Saget died in his Florida hotel room on January 9, 2022. John later paid for a private plane to transport Saget’s body back to California and served as a pallbearer at his funeral. 

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