Maroon 5 will “definitely” release new music in 2024: “It’s almost album time”

Mathieu Bitton

In 2023, Maroon 5 released the single “Middle Ground,” but their last album was 2021’s Jordi. In 2024, fans will be getting some new music — and it might even be an entire album.

“We got a couple of things that we’re working on. Nothing that I can talk about yet, but I’d say definitely stand by for some new music in 2024 from Maroon 5,” the band’s guitarist, James Valentine, told ABC Audio in December.

As for whether or not that music will consist of more standalone singles or the follow-up to Jordi, James said, “We aren’t 100% sure yet. I don’t know if I could say, but I think … it’s almost album time.”

However, James says he can’t speculate on the sound of the band’s new music.

“We really don’t know. I mean, it depends on what happens once we get in the studio, when songs start getting tossed around,” he explains. “We follow the muses where they take us and we never know where that’s really going to go.”

As we await new music, Maroon 5 has shows booked for their Las Vegas residency at the Dolby Live Theater at Park MGM. They’ll perform there May 17 through June 1, and then again from September 27 to October 12.

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