Taylor Swift responds to emotional single mom’s TikTok: “I am so moved”

Buda Mendes/TAS23/Getty

A Swiftie mom who was hoping that Taylor Swift would see her TikTok message succeeded in attracting the singer’s attention with her emotional story about how Taylor’s music helped her and her daughter bond.

The single mom, Ginny, posted the TikTok earlier this week. In it, she addresses Taylor directly, thanking her for her music, which she says has brought her closer to her daughter this year. 

“She was like, ‘Mom I’ve had more fun with you this year than ever before.’ And I know why. It’s because we have had so much fun surrounding you,” said a tearful Ginny. She noted that she and her daughter both went to Eras Tour concerts, and they watched the Eras Tour movie together in the theater five times and then rented the film to watch at home.

“For my daughter to sit there and be like, ‘I’ve had the best year with you’ — I’m a single mom. I work every single day,” Ginny sobbed. “That means so much to me. Even more so than my love for you … I didn’t think it could get more, but hearing that come from my daughter’s mouth … Girl, I will take a bullet for you.”

“I just wanted you to know how loved you are and how much you’re doing behind the scenes for people,” she concluded.

Taylor herself saw the TikTok and commented, “You just reminded me of why this year has been so special. I’m so moved by what you said. It reminds me of me and my mom and the memories we made at that age.

Ginny’s delighted response was to post a video of herself and her daughter grooving in the car to “Is It Over Now? (Taylor’s Version),” with Taylor’s comment posted in and the caption, “Is this real?”


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