SMITH’s holiday hit focuses on Mrs. Claus for a change

Courtesy of SMITH

The artist who goes by the name SMITH released a song earlier this year called “Lemon” which went viral on TikTok. But for the holiday season, she put out an original song called “Stay With Me Santa (Mrs. Claus’ Christmas Wish),” which describes how Mrs. Claus asks Santa to take her with him on his Christmas Eve trip around the world. 

In the song, Mrs. Claus first tries to convince Santa to play hooky from Christmas and stay with her at the North Pole, but then, the two decide to get into the sleigh together.  SMITH sings, “I know there’s empty spaces under Christmas tree/so let me grab my cape and we’ll be on our way/you and I will rock this Christmas Eve.”

While this seems like a novel idea for a holiday song, SMITH says it came pretty easily, once she decided that she didn’t want Mrs. Claus to be a nag.

As she explains, “I didn’t want Mrs. Claus to come off as being not likable — like she wants Santa to miss Christmas and not go on that journey and, y’know, ‘Forget all those kids!’ I just think she was trying to say, ‘I want to be involved in it. I want to be part of that magic.'”

“I mean, it’s sort of a metaphor for couples helping each other on that special night,” she adds. “And so I just thought it would be a neat way to bring Mrs. Claus into the excitement of that night.”

She laughs, “You know, I can imagine Mrs. Claus not liking how Santa arranges the presents … and being like, ‘You’re doing it wrong!’ So I just thought it would be kind of fun to have a song from her perspective.”

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