Michael Bublé no longer wants to be “suit guy”: “I need time to do some other stuff”

Medios y Media/Getty Images

In 2023, Michael Bublé did something different by starting his own whiskey brand, Fraser & Thompson.  And in 2024, he says he wants to keep on doing different things, because he’s kind of tired of being that guy who puts on a suit and sings.

Appearing on the Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett podcast, Michael says, “That guy? That’s ‘Michael Bublé.’ I’m Mike. I feel like I’m at this point of my life and my career where I wanna do something different. For 20 years, it has been, ‘Write it, promo it, tour it.'”

“Listen, music will always be my happy place and my love,” he continues. “But I need time to do some other stuff, man. I need time to challenge myself, and to wake up and go, ‘Yeah! This is different and fun.'”

Michael adds, “And really about being that other guy: not suit guy. Being Mike, man. And doing that, whether that’s in movies or television or whatever it is, it has to happen now.”

Asked why it has to happen now, Michael says, ‘Cause, dude — this is my favorite part of me!”

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