Michael Bublé on why he said yes to a Cher Christmas duet

ABC/Lou Rocco

Since releasing his now-classic 2011 holiday album, Christmas, Michael Bublé‘s done very few holiday collaborations with other artists. But he explains why made an exception for Cher and duetted with her on his song “Home” for her new holiday album.

“Every single year, end of September, all the biggest stars on the planet start to call me. And — this is no joke — they all go, ‘Hey! We should do something together!'” Michael tells ABC Audio. “And I say the same thing: ‘Love to work with you, but … I made one Christmas record, and for now, that’s it.'”

“When Cher called, it wasn’t the same thing … And it wasn’t just because it was my song. It was because I’m in love with Cher.”

All jokes aside, he says Cher is “one of the most unique, greatest singers in the history of music.” 

But the best part of working with Cher wasn’t the singing. “My favorite part was talking to her every single day,” Michael says. Plus, “My mom lost her mind when she heard [the duet] the first time.”

So why is Michael the go-to Christmas guy anyway? Why does his album sell a million copies each year?

“It’s funny, I talked about all those artists calling me,” he tells ABC Audio. “They all think they can make a Christmas record and just because it’s Christmas, it’s going to sell. And they never do. … It’s because they don’t do it right.”

“The reason my record continues to [sell] … is because I love Christmas more than anybody in the universe,” he insists. “When I made that record, I kept telling people over and over again, ‘No, I’m not making Christmas record. I’m making the Christmas record.'” 

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