Lance Bass is in a “Better Place” for the holidays thanks to his kids

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Lance Bass is gearing up for Christmas with his husband, Michael Turchin, and their twins, Violet and Alexander. He says his beloved family holiday traditions are mostly about one thing: food.

“I definitely bring a lot of my family traditions to the table, literally,” he tells ABC Audio. “Some of my mimi’s dishes, I fix every single holiday and I make sure my kids are forced to love it, which they do anyway. But now they’re finally at that age where they can help in the kitchen.”

Lance is also convinced that Alexander could be a great chef, because he loves his little play kitchen. 

“He’s mixing and he’s pretending to taste it and then mix again,” Lance says. “I’m like, ‘How do you know this already? What are you watching?'” 

Lance notes his whole family are great cooks, so maybe “it’s just kind of in his blood.”

“I’m excited for him to help me more in the kitchen,” he adds of baking holiday treats. “And I think that’s how I’m going to show my love to them, is just being in that kitchen.” 

Lance says spending Christmas in the kitchen, his “happy place with them,” is quite a change from the holidays of the past.

“We didn’t have kids and I’d go home to Mississippi maybe for Christmas. Then we’d go to Miami Beach, where my, you know, husband’s from. So we always spent the holidays on the road. But now I want to start those traditions at home. So now we spend it here.”

“We wake up Christmas morning and Santa has come,” he adds. “We definitely open up that one gift the night before, because c’mon, it’s usually pajamas … but yeah, those are the things I love doing.”

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