Foster and McPhee on “Carol of the Bells,” Christmas album’s “great flow”

Morelli Brothers

David Foster and Katharine McPhee‘s current single, “Carol of the Bells,” is actually a remake of a version of the song Foster recorded for his 1993 release The Christmas Album. This new version has vocals, but while Foster’s wife, Kat, sings on it, you’d be hard-pressed to pick her out in the avalanche of voices.

“I’m pretty buried in there, honestly,” Kat laughs to ABC Audio. David says his friend at their record company suggested he redo the song because he thought it’d be “super-cool” to have Kat on it. There are so many other people singing on it that you can’t hear her, but she says she doesn’t mind.

“We were going for a feeling and a vibe. It’s not about a feature. You know, I have plenty of other songs to be featured on,” she says.

Those other songs appear on Christmas Songs, an expanded edition of the holiday EP she and David released last year. David says they used some crowdsourcing while choosing the seven new songs on the album.

“As we were just going about our life and trying to pick these songs, I would play a song at a party somewhere and say, ‘Hey, what do you think of this song?'” he recalls.

Kat says the album was playing over the sound system during a recent in-store signing she and David did, which made her realize they’d done a good job of putting it together.

“You want to have a great Christmas album to have in the background as you’re having family gatherings,” she says. “It’s got a great flow to it. And you can either listen to it intently or have it in the background. And, you know, I’m pretty pleased with that.”

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