Taylor Swift drops live version and remix of “Cruel Summer;” streams soar due to concert film

Taylor Swift Productions

Over the summer, Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour kept fans streaming her back catalog. Now, TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR is having the same effect.

Billboard reports that during the first four days of the movie’s release, Taylor’s catalog was up 22% in on-demand streams in the U.S. Meanwhile, her digital sales more than doubled: Prior to those four days, she’d sold 15,400 tracks, versus 38,400 between October 13 and 16.

The publication predicts that this extra streaming boost might mean that next week “Cruel Summer” — which has been in the top 10 for months — will finally hit number one.

Another thing that may lead to “Cruel Summer” finally hitting number one? Taylor’s just released two new versions of it — as she announced on Instagram — and streams of those versions will count towards the song’s chart position.

She wrote, “What a truly mind blowing thing you’ve turned The Eras Tour Concert Film into. I’ve been watching videos of you guys in the theaters dancing and prancing and recreating choreography, creating inside jokes, casting spells, getting engaged, and just generally creating the exact type of joyful chaos we’re known for.”

She added, “One of my favorite things you’ve done was when you supported Cruel Summer SO much, I ended up starting The Eras Tour show with it. For old times sake, I’m releasing the live audio from the tour so we can all shriek it in the comfort of our homes and cars PLUS a brand new remix … Thank you, so much, forever, wow, just thank you!!!”

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