Natalie Grant says “You Will Be Found” reminds us to have difficult conversations with the people in our world

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You Will Be Found,” from the musical Dear Evan Hansen, is climbing the charts in a duet version by Natalie Grant and Cory Asbury. It’s on Natalie’s album Seasons, made up of some of the cover songs she performed online during the COVID-19 lockdown. Natalie feels the song’s message of support for people struggling with their mental health was and still is very important.

“For me, it was … a challenge … like, I need to lift my head and look around to all the people that are in my circle and in my world. And I need to ask them, ‘How are you doing? Really?'” she tells ABC Audio.

She adds, “We have to do better at checking on our people, and having real conversations — and difficult conversations — and stepping in when we feel like, ‘O.K., something seems amiss.'”

While lockdown is over, Natalie says the song still resonates with kids who are now suffering from depression and anxiety as a result.

“My sister’s a psychologist in a school district, and hearing the stories from her of what kids are walking through post-pandemic … we’re kind of all walking through the aftermath of that together,” she notes.

Natalie was inspired to make “You Will Be Found” a duet after hearing Sam Smith and Summer Walker’s 2021 version of the song.

“I just felt like that yin and yang and the push and pull of a duet would make sense on this song,” she explains. She felt Cory Asbury, with whom she’d toured in the past, had a voice that would complement her own.

“I’d never sung with him before, but I just felt like, ‘I think this is going to work,'” she says. “And I think it does! I really love it!”

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