Cher has another album to follow her Christmas record, is working on a tour

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Cher‘s first holiday album, Christmas, is her first new album since 2018’s Dancing Queen. But fans aren’t going to have to wait that long to get another project from the legendary diva.

Speaking to Billboard about Christmas, which is coming out October 20, Cher says, “I have another album to do right after this.” That project is presumably in addition to the November 3 release of the Believe box set, which celebrates the 25th anniversary of that 1998 album and its hit title track.

Meanwhile, Cher says she’s been thinking about resuming live performances. Her last tour was in 2014, but she cut it short due to health problems. She tells Billboard she recently told her producer she’d like to do a show featuring her own personal favorite songs. He suggested she do a show focused on the Christmas album, but she wasn’t into it.

Cher also confirms she won’t do a concert to promote the Believe reissue because she wouldn’t be ready to perform and also, that other album is taking up her time. So what are her live plans, then?

“Well, I don’t know. Look, if I do a concert, there’s gonna be a tour behind it,” she tells Billboard. “I’m working really hard right now. I’m training, like, unbelievably.”

“So I’m training and singing at the same time, which is always fun,” she says with sarcasm. “So I’m working on it.”

Meanwhile, you can listen to “DJ Play a Christmas Song,” the first release from Christmas, now: It’s available via digital outlets and YouTube. Cher’s Christmas is available for preorder now.

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