Welcome back: Ed Sheeran teaches music class at his old high school

ABC/Paula Lobo

After popping into various schools in Los Angeles and New York over the past few weeks, Ed Sheeran went back to where it all began: his own high school.

On Instagram, Ed posted footage of himself visiting his alma mater — Thomas Mills High School in Framlingham, Suffolk, U.K. — to give a performance in the school auditorium, watch the soccer team play and teach a music class. “This is a cool full circle moment,” he said in the video.

Ed’s been back home for a few days: He also posted footage of himself serving beer at the local sports venue and cheering on his home soccer team, Ipswich Town, to victory. After the game, all the players serenaded Ed in the locker room with his song “Perfect.” You can see that in Ed’s footage as well.

In other Ed news, he teamed up with Hootie & the Blowfish frontman Darius Rucker to co-write a song for Darius’ latest country album, Carolyn’s Boy. The song’s called “Sara,” and it’s about Darius’ first love: his fifth-grade girlfriend, Sara.

“Writing that song was so fun because Ed is such an amazing songwriter,” Darius tells People. “But to write a song that’s literally about your fifth-grade girlfriend who you haven’t seen in 40 years, it was an experience.”  Darius says he’d love to see Sara again, but he has no idea where she is or if she’s married.

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