Katy Perry expected to take the stand in trial involving dispute over $15 million mansion

Katy Perry may make a special appearance this week — in court.

Bloomberg reports that Katy may take the stand as soon as Friday in a trial over the ownership of a $15 million mansion in Montecito, California. The seller of the home, Carl Westcott, founder of 1-800-Flowers, signed a deal in July 2020 with Katy’s business manager, agreeing to sell her the house for $15 million.

But then Westcott, 83, changed his mind, according to his son. He claimed he wasn’t in his right mind when he signed the contract because he was taking painkillers after surgery and that he no longer wants to sell the house.

Katy wouldn’t back down, though. Not only did she want the sale to go through, she wanted an additional $1.4 million from Westcott, which she says represents the money she could have made renting out the property if the sale had gone through as planned.

Westcott then sued Katy’s business manager in an attempt to cancel the sale. Lawyers for the business manager argue that Westcott knew exactly what he was doing when he signed the contract: He hired a broker,  looked for somewhere else to live, arranged for Katy to tour the property and then submitted a counteroffer, which Katy accepted. Two days later, Westcott changed his mind.

Westcott’s son has power of attorney for his father and has taken over the case; the son says Westcott’s mental health and physical health are failing. He says he offered to pay Katy to walk away, but she wouldn’t. He tells Bloomberg he was “appalled” at how he and his father have been treated.

Bloomberg reports Judge Curtis Kin of the Superior Court of Los Angeles will decide who gets the estate.

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