“I’ll sell my kidney”: *NSYNC thrills fans and celebrities with silent elevator video

Courtesy of MTV

*NSYNC thrilled fans when the reunited group appeared onstage at the MTV VMAs on September 12, but fans seemed equally pumped about a video the guys shared on their Instagram accounts.

The video shows the five group members laughing and chatting in an elevator, presumably on their way up to the stage to present the Best Pop Video at Tuesday night’s show. There’s no sound in the video, except for in Lance Bass‘ post: He threw in a clip of *NSYNC’s 1997 song “Here We Go.”

Each member made a dumb joke in their respective captions: Joey Fatone wrote, “Hate getting stuck in an elevator!” JC Chasez wrote, “We should start a band.” Lance wrote, “I was looking for a pun in the elevator, but it let me down.” And Justin Timberlake wrote, “So five guys walk into an elevator…”

Some celebrity fans took to the comments to express their excitement.

“Ya’ll better be making music in that elevator,” Will Smith commented. Former TRL host Carson Daly added, “It’s all coming back to me now.” 

On Lance’s postSnooki commented, “MAKE *NSYNC TOUR FOR THE LOVE OF 90S KIDS.” On JC’s post, she wrote, “Omggg please baby Jesus let them go on tour.”

And other fans also seemed shook by the post.

“If there is a comeback tour I’ll sell my kidney. Whatever it takes. Bye bye bye!!!!” wrote one. “The amount of money i would pay to go see an nsync reunion tour is straight up embarrassing,” wrote another.

“All I know is my wallet is worried that my wife is going to spend all my money on whatever this is,” added another.

A reunion tour is highly unlikely. *NSYNC has simply — we think — reunited to record a song for the upcoming soundtrack of Trolls Band Together.

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