Lauren Daigle says Kaleidoscope Tour will be “something beautiful and different”

Jeremy Cowart

Lauren Daigle‘s Kaleidoscope Tour kicks off September 6 in Memphis, Tennessee, two days before the second half of her new album is released. With 23 new songs from the self-titled album to play, Lauren says she’s excited to bring them to life onstage.

“I cannot wait to showcase this music,” the singer tells ABC Audio. “I didn’t realize how invigorating these songs would be to perform live. While I was in the studio working on them I was definitely thinking about the live show, but they surprised me.”

Lauren says the show will include “a lot of color” and “a lot of beauty,” adding, “There’s going to be other elements that are brought in that kind of create whimsy and surprise and curiosity. And there’s going to be moments for the audience to interact.”

Overall, she notes, “I think that the show is just going to be something beautiful and different than anything I’ve done before, while still keeping all of the elements of hope — and the things that I want to give into the world — fully alive.”

The Kaleidoscope Tour is named after a song on Lauren’s album called “Kaleidoscope Jesus,” but she says it’s a very apt name, considering how she spent her childhood.

“When I was a kid, I would always go over to [my aunt’s] house and play with the kaleidoscopes and just find myself lost inside of the wonder of everything changing and that nothing was the same … any time you would go and rotate the kaleidoscope,” Lauren recalls.

“And that’s kind of how these nights are — it’s something different and something beautiful every night, because the people change every night.”

Lauren Daigle comes out September 8. The tour is mapped out through a December 9 show in Greenville, South Carolina.

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