ABBA’s Agnetha Fältskog drops new solo single

Nicky J Sims/Getty Images

While we haven’t heard any new music from ABBA since 2021, fans are getting the next best thing with a new song from member Agnetha Fältskog [Ang-NE-ta FELT-schoo-g].

Agnetha just released the track “Where Do We Go From Here?” It will be the only new song on an upcoming album reimagining the tunes from her last solo record, 2013’s A. She explains that she was inspired to reimagine the record after hearing one of the songs on the radio.

“Suddenly it hit me, what would the album sound like if we had made it today…? I couldn’t stop thinking about it,” she writes on her recently launched Instagram account. “I reached out to the boys who produced ‘A’ back in 2013 – ‘What would you guys think about reimagining “A” and making a totally new version of it?’ They loved the idea! ‘Let’s try!'” 

Agnetha’s new album, A+, will be released October 13. It is available for preorder now. You can listen to “Where Do We Go From Here?” now via streaming services and on YouTube.

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