Michael Bolton appears on ‘Yeah I F*cked That Up’ podcast, reveals the time he lived up to the title

Timothy White

Michael Bolton‘s career has been pretty phenomenal, but he does have a few regrets, which he reveals on the latest episode of a podcast with the catchy name of Yeah I F*cked That Up.

The podcast from Interval Presents is hosted by Grammy-nominated songwriter Billy Mann, who’s written and/or produced songs for the likes of Pink, Celine Dion, Cher, Backstreet Boys, Ricky Martin and, not coincidentally, Michael Bolton. 

During the episode, Michael discusses the ups and downs of his career, including when he and his family were close to being homeless and living off food stamps, until he finally scored his breakthrough hit, “That’s What Love Is All About.”  But of course, towards the end, Mann asks Michael the big question: “I wonder if there’s a moment that you think, “Man, I f***** that up?'”

“I may have f***ed up in taking myself too seriously for those beginning years, even during interviews, not being a joker and not trying to find something funny in everything everybody says. I think I just took it all too seriously,” says Michael. “And so…the good news is, you can still have fun at your own expense and it’s a bigger laugh and more fun.”

Michael’s certainly learned that lesson well, doing everything from going viral with The Lonely Island and “Jack Sparrow,” to appearing on The Masked Singer, to poking fun at himself in a series of commercials.

His only other regret? Not spending enough time with his three daughters.

“I’ll always wish that I had the time back — to spend more time with them through the becoming years, the really steep climb years,” he says. “And I’m so grateful that they’ve become the incredible women they are. I’m so proud of them.”

(Podcast includes uncensored profanity.)

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