Katy Perry channels classic Jenny McCarthy Candie’s ad in new shoe-promoting post

ABC/Eric McCandless

Back in 1997, actress Jenny McCarthy caused a min-scandal when she appeared in a Candie’s shoe ad that showed her sitting on a toilet with her panties around her calves. Now, Katy Perry is channeling that image for her own shoe line.

The first image in a series of Instagram photos promoting her KP Collections brand shows Katy in a bathroom stall, sitting on a toilet taking a selfie, with a pair of Katy Perry-branded panties around her calves. The rest of the images are close-ups of the different colors of the Geli Combat Loafers she’s wearing in the toilet picture.

Fans went wild for the image, with several suggesting that it become Katy’s next album cover. Others ignored the shoes and focused on the panties, with one commenting, “I WANT TO BUY KATY PERRY COLLECTIONS UNDERWEAR??!!” Another fan wrote, “KP collections undies release when?”

“omg need KP underwear now,” added another fan.

Incidentally, Jenny’s original ad was rejected by Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

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