Miley Cyrus thanks Nancy Sinatra for liking “Used To Be Young”

Noua Unu Studio

Not long ago, Oscar winner Diane Keaton posted a montage of photos of herself as a young woman, soundtracked to Miley Cyrus‘ new song, “Used To Be Young.” And it turns out the Annie Hall star isn’t the only female icon who relates to the track.

Nancy Sinatra  daughter of Frank Sinatra, and a singer and actress best known for her 1965 hit “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” — also posted a montage of herself as a young woman with “Used To Be Young” playing in the background. 

Miley reposted it on her Instagram Story and wrote, “I love you so much. I’ve been covering your songs since I was a little girl & had your posters as style inspiration. So meaningful now that my song about youth and evolution is admired by you. Full circle. You’re an icon. Xoxoxox.”

As previously reported, Miley responded to Keaton’s montage by writing, “I appreciate you deeply . This is so moving and exactly why I made this song. I said throughout the journey of writing it over the last 18 months, ‘all I want is Diane Keaton to dance to it’ and this is even more magical. I love you. Thank you.”

Perhaps some of Miley’s other female role models, like Joan JettDolly Parton and Stevie Nicks, will also be posting their own “Used To Be Young” montages in the future.

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