Andy Grammer surprises sick fan in hospital with private concert

Astrida Valigorsky/Getty Images

Andy Grammer loves to surprise fans by dropping in on them, and on August 28, he posted a video of himself giving a fan a private concert in her hospital room.  

The video begins with Andy onstage, telling an audience how a fan texted him to say that he and his wife, Amelia, had tickets to the show, but they weren’t able to attend because she had to have unexpected cancer surgery. The fans asked Andy if there’s any chance he could drop by the hospital — so he did.

We then see footage of Andy showing up at Amelia’s bedside with his guitar. “Oh my God,” she says, crying. “Am I hallucinating?” 

Cut back to Andy onstage, explaining that Amelia has named her cancer Earl, “just so that she could say ‘Goodbye Earl'” — referring to the famous The Chicks song of the same name.

Andy then asks the crowd to shout “Goodbye Earl” so he can record it and send it to Amelia; they loudly oblige. Cut back to the hospital, as Andy serenades Amelia with his song “Don’t Give Up On Me.”

Amelia reacted to the video on Instagram, writing, “I’M SOBBING AGAIN! Omg. Wow wow wow. Thank you for making my entire year!” She added, “Today was one month since surgery … this video was such a special reminder today of how far I’ve already come.”

Earlier this year, Andy told ABC Audio why he loves popping in on fans like this.

“I think that we’re lonely right now … as a culture — and I feel like I can get lonely, too. And I want to create spaces, whether it’s one on one or with thousands of people, where we can connect with each other,” he said. “And I always feel so fulfilled when that happens.”

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