Kevin Jonas says Joe Jonas’ onstage poop admission is “the biggest thing that’s ever happened” in Joe’s career

Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

 When Joe Jonas decided to tell an Australian radio show about the time he pooped his pants onstage, he probably didn’t expect it to make headlines all around the world. Now, Joe says he’s amused by the attention — while his brothers Nick and Kevin won’t stop making fun of him.

“It’s quite fun for me,” he tells People of the commotion his admission caused. “I like people to come up with their own idea of what it was.”

In fact, he now tells People that the poop incident was “a scare,” rather than a full-on accident. When brother Nick Jonas insists he “clarify publicly” what happened, he declines.

“This story went everywhere,” Nick says, while Kevin adds, “It was hilarious. It’s the biggest thing that’s ever happened in your career.” 

Joe shoots back, “I made it guys… Now’s your time, now’s your opportunity to try to top it.” Kevin admits he can’t, but Nick owns up to his own “embarrassing onstage moments.”

“Some of them are on the internet and some that no one will ever know about, but you just take it in stride,” Nick points out. “It’s part of being a performer. Sometimes you’re going to s*** your pants.”

Nick knows what he’s talking about. While he claims he never pooped his pants onstage, his most recent embarrassing moment came on August 15 when he fell through a hole in the stage during a show in Boston.

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