Dua Lipa on motherhood, visiting strip clubs with Lizzo, “eclectic” musical tastes

Mert Alas

Dua Lipa just turned 28, but she doesn’t feel like her biological clock is ticking.

When French Vogue asked the singer if she’ll have kids in the future, she replied, “Maybe, but I don’t have anything planned. The only baby I’m thinking about is my new album.”  

On whether there’s less pressure these days for women to have kids, Dua commented, “I think women want to do things at their own pace, and not feel guilty for thinking of themselves. For me, when the moment is right, I’ll know. But, until then, I have other priorities. I want to continue making the most of my youth.”

During a discussion about feminism, the magazine asked Dua about being accused of supporting “the exploitation of women” by going to a strip club with Lizzo in 2020.

“Obviously, I’m against any kind of exploitation. But I also see this endless criticism of women’s choices. It’s like navigating a minefield,” she responded. “We’re slut-shamed for everything and anything. Does anyone think of people’s own experiences before attacking them? So, for me, it’s really important to respect women’s choices, whatever they are.”

While Dua doesn’t reveal any details about her new album, she does say once she releases music, she “never” listens to it again. As for the music she listens to that isn’t her own, Dua reveals she’s got quite the classic rock tastes.

“I listen to Sting, who my dad used to love, and all those voices that I grew up with,” she says. Those “voices” include The PoliceDavid BowiePrince and Elton John. She also gives a shout-out to the British bands StereophonicsPrimal Scream, Pulp and Sade, as well as French and Spanish music, adding, “I’m very eclectic, actually.”

September’s French Vogue is out August 30.

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