Céline Dion’s sister denies reports that Céline can no longer sing: “Her voice is still there”

Céline Dion in 2020; James Devaney/GC Images

Fans haven’t heard directly from Céline Dion since May, when she was forced to cancel her 2023 and 2024 concerts due to her ongoing battle with Stiff-Person Syndrome.  But her family members have spoken about her condition, including her big sister Claudette Dion, who’s now set the record straight on several rumors about the Grammy-winning diva.

Speaking to the French-Canadian outlet 7 Jours, Claudette said, “Céline is doing the best she can. We know that her disease is particularly difficult to treat, but she is surrounded by a large team of specialists and she works hard. I trust this team. My little sister has a steely spirit, and she is doing well.”

Claudette also wanted to clear up some rumors, including one that Céline and her son René-Charles no longer speak because she doesn’t approve of his girlfriend. Claudette tells 7 Jours that this isn’t true, and also dismisses rumors that Céline is suffering from depression.

But more importantly, Claudette says the rumors that Céline can no longer sing due to her condition aren’t true.

“Those who claim that my sister’s voice has disappeared are wrong,” Claudette says. “She sang some notes to me on the phone and her voice is still there. I was so happy and reassured to hear it.”

Claudette added, “She has confidence, as I do, in her ability to overcome this ordeal.”

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