Very busy Cher gives update on memoir, biopic and Christmas album

Nick Argo/©Academy Museum Foundation

Cher just sold her catalog and launched her own brand of gelato, but she’s busy with multiple other projects, including animal activism.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Cher explains that she and her charity’s initiative Free the Wild are working right now to get an elephant at the LA Zoo transferred to a sanctuary because he’s “in deep physical and emotional pain.” Rescuing animals from zoos is a passion project for Cher, who in 2020 rescued an elephant in Pakistan. Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she rescued six lions, a panther and a tiger.

Cher is also working on her first holiday album, which she tells The Hollywood Reporter is “not your mother’s Christmas album.” She explains, “It’s a Cher Christmas album, whatever that brings along with the name. It’s definitely my idea of a Christmas album. I had to do what I felt. There’s no ‘Silent Night.’”

As for her long-in-the-works biopic, Cher says, “We are kind of starting again. It just wasn’t working out, and we needed to adjust some of the things.” However, the project will have to wait for the strikes to be over.

Another long-in-the-works project is Cher’s memoir, which she first announced in 2017. 

She laughs, “Well, we’re almost finished because [my publisher] goes, ‘Cher, how long are you going to work on this?’… we’re so close.”

The politically-aware singer also shares that she’s very concerned about the state of the country.

“It’s scary. If you have gay friends, if you have a trans child, you almost have to divide your mind a little bit so that you’re not fighting every battle at one time,” she says.

“I don’t know what’s going on in America right now,” she adds. “It’s not what I dreamt of.”

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