Ed Sheeran teases new “Autumn” album with wacky infomercial: “Just $9.29”

ABC/Paula Lobo

Ed Sheeran is really going all in with the “Autumn is coming” campaign promoting his new album.

He’s now created a comedic retro infomercial, in which he plays a pitchman on the “Gingerbread Man Shopping Channel” — Gingerbread Man being the name of his record label — shilling something called a “Damper Hamper.”

The Damper Hamper —”hamper” is a British word for “basket” — is a gift for people who live in places that have great weather all year round. The idea is that you send them the hamper so they can enjoy all the unpleasant things that make autumn autumn, especially in the U.K. According to Ed, these things include tea, mulch, baked beans, a pint of lukewarm beer, a rake, a scarf and scented candles.

It’s all available at the “special price of just $9.29,” which refers to the September 29 release date that Ed has been teasing for the new album. He also asks people to use the code “Autumn Variations,” which fans believe is the title of the album.

The infomercial also comes with a phone number: 917-909-4498. If you call it, you get a message from Ed saying the hampers are all sold out, but they’ll be restocking on August 24. Fans believe this is the day that Ed will officially announce the project.

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