Fans are convinced Ed Sheeran’s “autumn is coming” means a new album on September 29

ABC/Paula Lobo

For weeks now, Ed Sheeran has been teasing something by saying “autumn is coming.” Fans have decided that what’s coming is a new album on September 29 that’s either called Autumn or Autumn Variations.

According to a fan who attend Ed’s show on August 12, the singer told the crowd that his album Subtract, which came out in May, was the last album in his current contract and he’d be releasing his next one on his own label. Ed reportedly also told the crowd there wasn’t enough time to create a single or a video for said next album, which he described as “a good set of songs for the autumn season.”

In addition, the fan said that during Ed’s theater show in Minneapolis on August 11 he played three unreleased songs, which are from this as-yet-unannounced album, and asked the fans not to record them. Setlist.FM also lists three unreleased songs under the heading “Autumn” in the set list for that show.

Another fan said Ed told the crowd the first song on the album is called “Magical” and that the album would arrive “when autumn begins.” 

As for the September 29 release date, fans noticed that at his August 5 show in Kansas City, Missouri, he wore a jersey that read “Autumn” and the number nine. At the August 12 show, Ed wore a jersey that read “Variations” and the number “29.”  In addition, September 29 is a Friday, the day most albums are released.

It all seems pretty clear, if you follow the clues.

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