Music notes: Katy Perry, The Weeknd and more

Katy Perry teased that her new era may be on the way. At one of her recent Las Vegas residency shows, she alluded to her sixth album being on the way, telling fans, “If you can’t love me in my Witness or Smile era, then you can’t love me in my KP6 era.” Witness and Smile, her last two albums, weren’t as commercially successful as her previous ones.

The Weeknd performed an unreleased song at his show in Poland earlier this week and told the crowd it was the last feature he’ll ever do in his career – though he didn’t reveal which other artist is on the track. “the final feature… unless daft punk ever get back together,” he captioned a video of his intro to the performance on Instagram.

It’s officially Hootie & the Blowfish Day in Charleston, South Carolina. The band members, who are natives of Charleston, marked the August 11 celebration with a post on Instagram.

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