Jonas Brothers say The Tour will be a “celebration,” reveal the song they can’t leave the stage without playing

Courtesy Live Nation

Jonas Brothers launch The Tour this weekend with shows at New York’s Yankee Stadium on August 12 and 13. While most artists’ tours are in support of their latest album, JoBros plan to perform five of their albums every night. While that’ll definitely inspire some nostalgia, that’s not the only thing you’ll get at The Tour, according to Joe Jonas.

“It’s a celebration of all the years past of our music and also a look into the future of what’s next for us,” Joe told ABC Audio. But Kevin Jonas said figuring how to cram all that music into one concert, and still create an experience intimate enough to reach fans in the back row of a stadium, hasn’t been an easy task.

“It’s all great on paper, but how do we actually pull this off?” Kevin said. “But building a stage, building … an experience that will pull in everyone from all the way to the back to the front — we want to give a show that people will remember, and you are really connected with the band. And I think that’s always our goal.”

By including five albums in one night, JoBros are almost guaranteeing that fans will hear every song they want to hear. But which song do they absolutely have to play or else the fans will riot?

“I feel like now, if people don’t hear ‘Love Bug’ they get pretty upset,” Nick Jonas said.

“Yeah, I kind of agree with that,” said Kevin. “Because a lot of people … have been using that song to propose. And we had one time where we didn’t play it and [the guy] had it all planned out to propose and his plan was changed. So we had to adapt.”

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