Cher’s new gelato brand officially launches July 28, with flavors like “Snap Out of It!”

Courtesy of #Cherlato

It’s been five years in the making, but Cherlato, Cher‘s new artisanal gelato brand, finally gets its official launch on July 28 when a mobile gelato truck hits the streets of Los Angeles — with some pretty interesting flavors.

As previously reported, Cherlato is a joint venture between Cher and New Zealand gelato maker Gianpaolo Graziolo, known as Giapo. Among the “bold and playful” flavors: Breakfast at Cher’s Coffee & Donuts, Chocolate XO Cher, LA, I Love You, SoCal’s Coldest Avocado on Toast — featuring avocado and breadcrumbs — and Snap Out of It! Kefir & Cardamom.

That last flavor is a line from Cher’s Oscar-winning movie Moonstruck. Kefir is a fermented milk drink that originated in Caucasia, an area between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea that includes the country of Armenia. Why is this notable? Because Cher is Armenian and has been very involved in causes that support the country.

You can track the Cherlato truck via social media at @cherlato_gelato, or on the website.

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